Compliance Packaging

Lincoln Pharmacy offers a variety of compliance packaging systems, depending upon your community needs and resident focus. Featured are both multi-dose and single-dose packaging systems.

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Strip Pack

This system is widely known as a strip pack. It is your 7 prescriptions taken 4 times a day, made manageable! A maximum of 4 prescriptions are packaged together in each pack.

  • Each customized with name, date and time.
  • Each packet printed with medication dosage, directions, prescribing physician and identifying details.
  • Can deliver as many medication passes through the day as needed.
  • Each pack perforated to easily remove, open and administer in order or take on the go.

This system allows for safe and effective storage as well as medication compliance and safety. This allows for a medication pass to be torn from the roll and checked against your MAR as well as makes for safe transmission to your residents hand. This system is safe and easy for staff, family or residents.

*Best recommended for Community Living*



This system also delivers safe and effective storage as well as medication compliance and safety for staff, family or those independently managing their medication.

  • Eliminating the need to create your own pill box.
  • Detachable individual packs to take on the go.
  • Can serve up to 4 different dosage times a day.
  • Each medication pack is easily identifiable with printed date and time.
  • Can identify each pill with the color picture featured on the front.
  • Medication is listed on each pack.

*Best recommended for Independent Living*


Single Dose Packaging

Single Dose Packaging is also a safe way to manage medications. Each medication is packaged individually on each card and allows for safety and compliance with individual medications. This allows for a med by med system while still accomplishing the safety and compliance packaging, to note all pertinent information listed per medication.

*Recommended for Independent or Community Living*

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Vial Packaging

The most commonly known packaging is a vial. All medications can be available in a vial with an accompanied child resistant lid.

If you wish to have a non-childproof lid on your prescriptions, we can accommodate that upon request.